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At together4changes our goal is to prevent PARENTAL ALIENATION which destroys the mind, heart, and soul of innocent children. Our mission is to train as many professionals as possible, while guiding and supporting survivors through education and awareness.


Divorces and separations drain resources that could be used to provide a brighter future for your children. We recognize this and would like to sponsor bills that change the dynamics of family law. In criminal matters, you are entitled to a speedy trial, but divorces can linger for many years. The court system handles custody issues and family matters slowly and this causes many children to suffer unnecessary distress. Our mission is to speed up processing time for hearings regarding custody and welfare of our children. 


1. APA 
The American Psychiatric Association needs to fully recognize mental, emotional, and psychological abuse as child abuse. Otherwise, we can not move forward and save the children.

2. Family Court System 
Once the APA adapts and accepts psychological abuse as child abuse, then the entire legal system, including judges, attorneys, therapists, legal assistants, police force, and Child Protection Services, becomes educated. This process begins as:

   A. Limits on motions allowed.

   B. Change family law to put the children first and not favor one parent over                      another.

   C. Limit the number of family cases given to a judge so it can be handled                         expediently.

   D. Mandatory classes for attorneys, judges, magistrates, and all legal advisors     

        involved in family law.

3. Tougher Criminalization Laws

We have to pass laws that criminalize parents who mentally, emotionally, and psychologically abuse their children. The laws should also affect other caregivers, family members, and authority figures.


4. Educate Parents 

Parental Alienation terrorizes the child, it also steals the soul, dreams, and futures of the children. Parents will understand PA is not only mental/emotional abuse but it's also domestic violence, and the most aggressive type of bullying.  PA is one sided AGGRESSION and a campaign of DENEGRATION.


5. End of Professional Ignorance 

When dealing with children, all professionals assigned to an alienation case need to be certified in that specific area of psychology. Otherwise, it would be a danger to the perpetuity of alienation and further put children's mental health at risk. 

9. Special Hotline

10. Awareness Programs

We must have a child psychological abuse awareness month to further educate people of all the children affected by parental alienation.


11. Training/Educating Professionals 

The more professionals we can train more justice will be served for the children and their families. Attorneys with proper PA knowledge and experience, have the ability to present each case correctly. Therapists/Psychologists must have the knowledge, experience and training in early childhood mental health; in order to identify/diagnose correctly and recommend the correct treatment. At together4changes we believe when dealing with children there's no room for ignorance and incompetence. 

12. Sponsored Programs for Helping Children 
Many companies such as Starbucks, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon need to pitch in for America’s future mental health.

Our system is broken. Lawyers, judges, therapists, and all legal advisors are making money but are not helping children. This needs to stop. Children should enjoy their childhood, no matter how complicated a divorce may be. 


Only when everyone, including parents, unites, we can make changes and stop parental alienation, a fast growing danger to our nation. 

together4changes can be a success only if we work together.

13. Services 

- Free legal advice

- Free mediation services

- Free therapy for children and families

- Discounted specialized therapy

- Aid to children in need

- Provide education to help broken families

- Provide educational opportunities to college students interested in working with 

  parental alienation issues.

- Provide free sports programs to strengthen the mind.

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