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together4changes seeks to ensure that all children have the necessary tools to be the first line of defense against abuse through our “Safer and Smarter Educated Kids” and "Safer and Smarter Educated Teens" abuse prevention programs.

together4changes  Safer and Smarter Educated Kids schools  programs will contain educationally sound content for children, parents, teachers and administrators. The Safer and Smarter Educated Kids program will span pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as special education. Safer and Smarter Educated Teens provides lessons for middle and high school students.

These programs are developed by Irfan Atesnak, and a multidisciplinary team of educators and developmental psychologists. These evidence based programs will teach children critical personal safety information in an age appropriate way based on developmental milestones. As a child’s world expands, so does the content of the lessons to meet their increasing safety needs. The Safer and Smarter Educated Kids schools program empowers children with tools that protect them from mental, psychological, and emotional abuse.


Throughout the program, students are able to talk to a trusted adult and are armed with protective principles and vocabulary to express their feelings. Ninety percent of the time a child is being manipulated and brainwashed against the other parent,  it’s at the hands of someone they know and trust, usually one of their parents. Abusive parent's family and friends are also involved in manipulations, helping a child abuser to continue abusing the child. They are just as guilty as the abusing parent. Legal advisors also cause damage by siding with the abusing parent. They delay the legal process to make more money. Children continue to suffer. They loose their childhood because of manipulating parents, greedy attorneys, and incompetent therapists. In Safer and Smarter Educated Kids and Teens Programs students are taught to identify “True” and “False” situations. The programs will build relationships and trust throughout children's lives. 


Each grade level will contain five to eight lessons that are aligned with state education standards. This allows easy integration into the classroom through benchmarks in academic areas including social sciences, reading, and health. The program will enable children to effectively learn these critical strategies, no matter what their learning style is. 

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