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ABOUT together4changes

 Stop Parental Alienation and Child Psychological Abuse 

Every year, thousands of children are mentally, emotionally, and psychologically abused. This crime should be recognized as child abuse and an abuse of human rights. Children deserve the right to both parents and parents have the right to be parents. When one parent pushes out the other, it destroys a child's life because children need both parents' love and care for healthy development. 

Irfan  Atesnak

WHY together4changes

Irfan Atesnak, founder and CEO, was and still is a victim of PARENTAL ALIENATION, a form of manipulation that includes lies, false accusations, playing with innocent children's minds, and turning them against the other parent.

This dangerous form of child abuse lasts a lifetime. It leads to depression, drug use including overdoses, alcohol use, murder, suicide, early age sex, and other issues. It destroys a child mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Mr. Atesnak strongly believes together4changes will help pass laws to support survivors and protect children from child abusers. The ultimate goal is to prevent MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL abuse through education and awareness. We will also help survivors heal with guidance and support.


Mr. Atesnak strongly believes the majority of mental, emotional, and psychological abuse mainly occurs after divorce by a parent towards the other parent. This leads to alienation which is preventable through education and awareness.  Mr. Atesnak is working on what he believes in.  He is confident it is possible to turn his negative personal experience into a vehicle to change the system and prevent children's mental, emotional, and psychological abuse.

No matter how bad the divorce and the conflicts between parents are, the goal is to help children enjoy their childhood because childhood is only once in a lifetime.

together4changes  is an official 501(c)(3) (applied and accepted). We will have campaigns and speaking engagements all around the world.


together4changes, formerly S.P.A.M. organization, plans an annual “PLEASE DON'T PLAY WITH MY MIND"


To prevent PARENTAL ALIENATION  through education and awareness. We will help survivors heal with guidance and support.

To Introduce a law that recognizes PARENTAL ALIENATION as a criminal offense.

To stop unhelpful legal advisors that make a profit while doing little to actually help children.  

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